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Shirley's Finished with Temple.

Shirley's finished with temple. Shirley officially turned 21. Happy birthday. And Shirley has a lot of friends who are thirsty. So she is learning how to make a couple of drinks that are easy for entertaining and easy for drinking.

When I'm planning out a menu that includes some drinks, I try to balance out the beers with a fun cocktail (or two). It has to be easy - but even more so - it has to be fresh. None of those syrups or mixes. I get a stomach ache looking at the bottle (and their ingredient list.) I'm also a big fan of making my own simple syrup - which essentially is just boiled water with sugar.

Lastly, I can't remember ever making a cocktail without using the blender. Who doesn't love an icy, slushy alcoholic drink? It's like I'm in Vegas walking around with a 2 foot tall plastic covered cup and silly straw! No, that's not really me at all - but I still love a slushy drink.