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Hey. I'm Emily, the loud voice behind My Life My Menu - a home for all things food and all things life.


Wht is My Life My Menu?


This is a place we can talk about anything food related- recipes, menu planning, entertaining, nutrition, table settings and even my shopping lists. Everything I make is always fresh, fun and practical. I want to inspire you to make something new and better than you're already making.


Most importantly everything I do is flexible. I write recipes for the busy person. The person who cares about what they are feeding their loved ones, but doesn't have time to fuss. Everything about My Life My Menu is about having options. There is always a "Plan Ahead" section in every recipe. I believe good organization is the key to successful meals. My goal is to get you out of the kitchen and sitting at the table with your family.


I try to keep my food as natural as possible and to use very few processed foods. My menus are very plant based. Simplicity rules here.


Who am I?


After culinary school, I started my own catering company right out of my upper west side apartment. Feeding people and making parties was always so rewarding for me (still is). However, after a few years of working my tail off, I was running on empty. I ended up trading in my passion for a 9-5 job. After growing my family a bit and working a more regular job I started My Life My Menu. I now have to mushy boys and live with them and my husband (an incredible surfer) in Rockaway Beach, NY.


Facts about me:


- I grew up in Brooklyn but have officially converted to being a true Rockaway native.


- I am really bossy. For real


- I love cheese. #thestruggleisreal


- I used to think the expression was "it's a mood point" (it's moot btw)


- I never eat raw onions and never put them in my recipes.


- I am super sarcastic and very ridiculous -- but I'm never phony.


- It's really hard for me to stay up past 10:30. ok 10:00pm.


- My kitchen is pink/mauve. I'm waiting for the day that I can make it all white. That day better come damn soon.


- I love to warmup with a pre-cooking dance in the kitchen. My Pandora stations are ridiculous. (I even have a GLEE station. No Joke.)




How can we work together?


1. I teach cooking classes and demos ranging from 1 on 1 to demos for 25 people.  We can do a great girls night out for 6-10 people and transform it into a boozy dinner party! Wait. What? Call me.


2. Do you want to contribute as a writer or an intern (media? photography? cooking? writing? coffee?) for My Life My Menu?


2. I do kitchen consulting -- anything from guidance on how to start a new food business to helping an individual outfit their kitchen and dining table. Oh and I organize pantries. Yes I do. Get ready.


3. Does your brand jive with my brand? Reach out to me. #Sponsor


Email me at

Or call me (917) 582-5509





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