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Weekday Menu Planner: January 1, 2017


Fattoush Salad- a layered salad of fresh garden vegetables with seasoned pita chips and an avocado zaatar dressing.

Glorious Grilled Baby Chicken- using baby chicken creates a foolproof way to grill chicken that is never dry. Perfectly grilled baby chicken that takes 3 minutes to marinade and 8 minutes to cook.

Roasted Root Vegetables with Tahini- a mixture of roasted root veggies made very simply but dressed in a delicious tahini dressing. Best part? I love it served room temperature.


Tomato Pasta Soup- an easy tomato soup with hidden pureed vegetables and but lots of protein packed pasta. A hearty soup that is family friendly.

Spinach Quiche Muffins- Mini egg and spinach muffins that are super cheesy and fun to eat! Keeps well in the freezer too.

Fake Ziti- A healthy update on a traditional baked ziti. The same cheese and sauce but instead of pasta, this recipe uses spaghetti squash. So delish!


Simply Dressed French Greens Salad- a simple and clean way to dress beautiful ingredients. No fuss and lots of flavor!

Savory One Pot Chicken and Brown Rice- A slow cooked chicken and rice dish with vegetables and aromatics that is an entire meal in one pot.


Sheppard's Salad with Feta Cheese- a perfect chopped salad layered with herbs and finished in a simple lemon dressing. But don't forget that cheese! Mmmm...

Zaatar Flounder with Tahini Sauce and Pine Nuts- a fish that takes 12 minutes to cook and just a minute to prepare. This zaatar and lemon cooked filet is drizzled in tahini and toped with toasted pine nuts.

Pasta Parmesan- This parmesan covered pasta is something out of a restaurant. However, it's simplicity will impress you. Not overly cheesy- it is so clean.

Lemony Brussel Sprouts- Roasting brussel sprouts on a really high temperature creates a crispy outside with a delicious inside. Check out my favorite recipe.

Weekday Snack:

Chocolate Chip Scookie- A combination of a cookie and a scone made with almond flour and sweetened with maple syrup.

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