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My Life My Shopping List: IKEA's 5 Best Dining and Tableware Items

Let's get real. Shopping is a significant part of my life. But most of the things I spend my money on are food items or food related items. There is nothing I love more than a beautifully set table. I gravitate toward dishes and plates that are more on the neutral side so that I can accessorize with cool napkins, napkin rings, table cloths, placemats, flowers, glasses, salad plates.... Get the point?

I don't like to spend too much becuase for me it's like an addiction and before I have paid the bill for the new Kate Spade salad servers, I have decided I need enough steak knives to serve BBQ for 48 of my closest friends. IKEA definitely enables my addiction. It is inexpensive and there are many trendy things that make me say "wow, that doesn't look like IKEA". That is surely a compliment.

Hopefully my My Life My Shopping List can help you score a couple of interesting items to enhance your table.

IKEA’s 5 Best Kitchen and Tableware Items – a Shopping List

  • SKYN 13 inch salad bowl/platter -- I have been using these platters exclusively for my salads since 2013. It is a love child of the platter and salad bowl. It’s a clean white platter with sides that come up just enough to call it a bowl. I like the shallow sides because it makes for a beautiful presentation and allows the food to speak for itself. With a real, deep salad bowl you need to crane you neck inside to see what kind of salad it is and even get a glimpse. But with this bowl, it is right in your face and displayed perfectly. At any given time I have 2 or 3 of them on the table. PRICE: $19.99

  • POKAL 7 ounce clear glass -- This looks like a water goblet or wine glass. It is an old fashion paneled style that makes me feel like I’m drinking in a meadow next to the red barn. This sturdy goblet features a simple, timeless design. I like mixing vintage, earthy looks onto a more refined and updated table setting. PRICE: $1.49

  • AKTAD 13 inch cake stand -- The deep red/maroon color is gorgeous. This color red looks great with any chocolate dessert displayed on it.It is a modern design with nice clean edges. I’m going to be honest though - I thought to myself - “Do I really need another cake stand??” Probably not, but at this unbelievable price I couldn’t leave this sexy platter behind. PRICE: $4.99!!

  • KORKEN jar with lid -- This jar comes in three sizes – 17 ounces, 34 ounces, and 64 ounces. These heavy duty glass jars have a clamp lid and rubber seal. The air tight seal makes this jar ideal for pickling or preserving. I usually keep a bunch of these on the table to store my baked goods and treats. PRICE: $2.49, $3.49, and $4.49

  • IKEA 365+ 11 quart stock pot -- This whole cookware series is a very nice line. It is a heavy duty stainless steel pot that is inexpensive yet reliable. I like the brushed look on the outside as well. I originally bought them as my Passover pots and after using them on the holiday two years ago, I was surprised at how much I loved them. Don’t get me wrong - nothing is like my All-Clad pots and pans, but for an inexpensive option this is a solid choice. PRICE: $19.99

Know before you go:

  • IKEA is such a fun store Mondays-Fridays. Don’t ever think of going on the weekend or you may be trampled to death by the strange Norwegian (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish – not really sure, maybe I should look it up) magnetic shopping carts.

  • Come prepared with food. Unless you are a Swedish meatball lover, or enjoy consuming a 2 pound chocolate bar – you must come prepared. Nuts, fruit, water- anything really to keep you going.

  • Use a buddy system. With the maze like warehouse and zero cell reception (in the Brooklyn store) it is very easy to get lost. In addition, the signs offer zero help. You may find yourself exhausted and lying down on a weird named mattress while waiting for your shopping partner to reappear. Moral of the story - Don’t lose your buddy.

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