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Weekday Menu Planning: December 18, 2016

Here we go!

When I started this website, the whole concept was to create something that was not just healthy and easy, but something that made you function better in your daily life. The craziness of my life and learning to organize was key to my survival. Hence the name- "My Life My Menu". So I want to help you plan as well. Lets get your weeknight dinners planned out.

Here are some links to recipes that are family friendly that you could prepare that can please everyone in your family.

Keep in mind, even if you think someone won't like something, they definitely won't like it if you don't make it. In my home there is one option for dinner - take it or leave it. Many nights I get complaints- especially because I try so many new things, but many nights they go back for seconds.

Plan Ahead:

Remember to portion leftovers in containers for lunch boxes the next day. For example, Look at Monday, that pea soup will get portioned into a small pot to be warmed up Tuesday morning. Once it is hot it goes right into a thermos for both my son and husband to bring to school and work. For my son, I put a straw in the lunch box to make it a mess free drink.

Monday Night Dinner

A hearty pea soup made from fresh and dried split peas that requires almost no work.

A delicious salad with an even more delicious dressing!

Tuesday Night Dinner

Asian cabbage slaw with a delicious tahini dressing

A Seared fresh tuna steak and sliced avocado wrapped in a toasted corn tortilla

Your favorite pasta in the most delicious pesto sauce

Wednesday Night Dinner

Even during this winter season I have been finding delicious organic tomatoes. Take advantage! My kids love the bright colors.

Do you love classic Chinese food but don't love that stomach ache and insatiable thirst that lingers for 12 hours? Try this. You'll never look back. Oh and PS - it only takes 10 minutes to prepare.

Thursday Night Dinner

The warmest, and smoothest vegetable soup with lots of large delicious pieces to enjoy. So much surprising flavor that lasts in the fridge all week. I like to make this on a Thursday so it will last all weekend. Keep it in the fridge- this recipe doesn't freeze.

The original recipe calls for beef but during the week we don't eat red meat, so I swap the beef for ground turkey. But you can use the beef or even switch to ground chicken if you like. These are delicious. They are loaded with protein and vegetables and the picky eaters don't even notice because it is in a burger. Score!

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