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Mini Green Olive Pizzas


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So let’s be honest here. If I am putting mini pizzas on my table I probably don’t have time to make my own dough. I’m not looking to make my life any harder when I’m hosting 20 people. I feel a time to make your own dough is when the pizza is your main dish. It’s a nice activity to do with your family - everyone picking their own topping, and the like. Well, this isn’t that.


That being said I really like this in my menu because it is fast, easy, tastes great and looks great on the table.


I like the Mazor’s brand mini pizza rounds. (They even come in whole wheat if you prefer) It’s not homemade - but really tastes great and there is never a piece left. A real crowd pleaser.


I have suggested a couple of pizza toppings below but you can be as creative or as simple as you want – anything will work.



Yield: 48 Pizzas


Rating: This is entertaining 101. Easy as pizza pie, and never a piece left.



48 mini pizza dough rounds

3 cups shredded mozzarella

3-4 cups tomato sauce (fresh or store-bought - less chunky is better)



Green Olives - Drain one can of sliced green Israeli olives


Roasted Red Pepper - Take 2 red peppers and slice each one into about 4 or 5 pieces. Roast on a sheet tray (375 degrees), skin side up, with olive oil and salt until the peel starts to blacken. Remove from the oven and cool down just enough so you can touch them. Using your hands, peel the blackened skins off the peppers. Then cut the peppers down into small pieces. (You can also just use roasted red peppers from a jar and cut them into smaller pieces.)


Mushrooms - take 1 box baby Bella mushrooms and remove all the mushroom stems. Using a damp cloth wipe any dirt off the mushrooms. Slice the mushrooms thin. Sauté on a high heat with olive oil, salt and 1 garlic clove until they get a little brown color and wilt down.



Place your pizza dough rounds on 2 or 3 baking sheet trays. Place them about 1 inch away from each other to allow for cooking room. Spread one tablespoon tomato sauce on each pizza dough. Sprinkle with some cheese, and top with any of the toppings you are using.


Bake at 400 for 10-14 minutes depending on how well done you like.


Plan Ahead:

You can’t make the pizzas the day before or they don’t taste too great. I usually prep them for the oven early in the day and leave them in the fridge unbaked until everyone is eating their salad course. I pop them in the oven when everyone sits down and when the pizzas are just about ready - so are your guests.


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